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fashionista coverstoryNYC interviewFASHIONISTA: Meet Coverstory, the New Plus-Size E-Boutique That Doesn’t Call Itself Plus-Size



CoverstoryNYC plus size feature on Vogue Italia

VOGUE ITALIA: Coverstory il nuovo e-commerce dedicato alle donne curvy



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WHO WHAT WEAR: The Under-the-Radar Site Ashley Graham Loves to Shop




refinery 29 Coverstory transgener model


REEFINERY29: “…Coverstory makes history by casting the first plus-size transgender model…”




MANREmanrepeller coverstoryPELLER: 5 Movers and Shakers to Get You to 5 PM || no 4. Coverstory is a new online boutique that’s changing the market




INSTYLE: 4 of Ashley Graham’s Secret to Shopping Online Like a Pro



nylon coverstoryNYC articleNYLON: Coverstory NYC: Meet The Chic New Plus-Size Retailer It’s a minimalist’s dream



stylewatch outfit coverstoryNYC feature

THE OUTFIT: Find Out Why This New Curvy Retailer Won’t Label Itself Plus Size




TRAVEL AND LEISURE: This is the Best Dress to Wear on an Airplane



nylon coverstoryNYC article

NYLON: Six Affordable Brands That Make Truly Beautiful Plus-Size Clothes


InStyle plus size CoverstoryINSTYLE: The Best Plus-Size Coats of the Season




stylecaster coverstory new online go-to siteSTYLECASTER: Plus-Size Online Shoppers, Here’s   Your New Go-To Site



screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-2-14-03-ami-D: Meet the first plus-size trans model to land a clothing campaign




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WHO WHAT WEAR: 15 Cute Long-Sleeve Dresses That Are Still Cute




InStyle plus size CoverstoryINSTYLE: 9 Plus-Size Outfits Inspired by Candice Huffine || Look 7-The Streamlined Jumpsuit




MIC: A Plus-size transgender model just made history by landing a major fashion campaign.



screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-12-06-54-amHUFFPOST: Plus-Size Transgender Model Celebrates Major Win For Diversity In Fashion As She Lands Coverstory Campaign


fashionista coverstoryNYC interviewFASHIONISTA: MUST READ: Coverstory casts transgender model Shay Neary in new campaign



metro UK


METRO UK: “…Coverstory’s decision to feature Shay – a size 26 – is so groundbreaking…”



Travel and Leisure plus-size travel Coverstory

TRAVEL AND LEISURE: Packing Tips for the Plus-size Traveler




yahooYAHOO STYLE: A Plus-Size Transmodel Made history by Being Cast In a Major Ad Campaign



coverstoryNYC runwayriot featureRUNWAY RIOT: This New Retailer Has Cropped Pants and Minimalist Uniforms for Every Size



stylecaster coverstory new online go-to siteSTYLECASTER: 15 Pairs of Plus-Size Skinny Jeans to Buy Now.



screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-12-05-16-amREVELIST: Heidi Kan, the founder of Coverstory, told Revelist that she’s excited about including Neary in the new campaign.



fashion journal coverstoryNYC feature

FASHION JOURNAL: a new retailer launched last month and it’s causing a stir.




thecurvyfashionista plus size brand CoverstoryNYC THE CURVYFASHIONISTA: The Top 12 Plus Size Fashion Moments of 2016



THE CUT: The Rise of Plus-Size Minimalism




Lscreen-shot-2016-12-23-at-1-22-30-amOGO. NEW NOW NEXT: Coverstory just gave it a major push by casting the first plus-size transgender in its newest campaign




screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-12-11-24-amTHE FASHION SPOT: “…Shay Neary groundbreaking campaign for plus-size brand Coverstory.”



screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-12-30-35-amSLINK: Lust List: Asymmetic Hemmed Beauty



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WHO WHAT WEAR: Our Summer 100 under $100 shopping guide




stylecaster coverstory new online go-to siteSTYLECASTER:101 Pieces of Editor-Approved Summer Clothes for Under $150



AOL: Meet the first plus-size transgender model that is making history



business insider best dress to wear on airplane CoverstoryNYC

BUSINESS INSIDER: This is the best dress to wear on an airplane






SCANDINAVIA STANDARD: The Best Minimalist Plus-Size Clothing Brand



thecurvyfashionista plus size brand CoverstoryNYCTHE CURVY FASHIONISTA: Switch Up Your Shopping Experience With These 5 Emerging Plus Size Brands to Watch!


coverstory plus size feature

FREE WILLIS STUDIO: Have you heard of Coverstory, the exciting new boutique for sizes 10 and up?



shelly gross coverstory plus size

SHELLY GROSS: Chic doesn’t stop at size 12



Coverstory plus size


APPLE AND PEAR: 5 Plus-Size Gems You Might Not Know About




LES ASSORTIES: COVERSTORY: Catering To The coverstory plus size websitePlus-size Audience


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MSN: Plus-Size Transgender Model Celebrates Major Win For Diversity In Fashion



girl of a certain age plus size Coverstory  GIRL OF A CERTAIN AGE: Just the simplest skirts i could find


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SBS Australia: Plus-size fashion label, Coverstory, has become the first major clothing label to feature a transgender model in a fashion campaign.