Girl Crush: Ali Tate Cutler

June 16, 2016 by Coverstory
girlcrush Ali Tate Cutler plus size model CoverstoryNYC interview

Ali Tate Cutler: model, feminist, globe-trotter. Her Instagram account looks like Travel+Leisure on steroids and is the envy of us mere mortals. Since becoming a model, she has scored prestigious campaigns like Mango and Ralph Lauren. This Californian beauty is not just charming and stylish, she’s also a lover of all things green and created an eco-lifestyle page, Conscious Child, to raise environmental awareness.

Join us to learn a bit more about her and yes, some travel beauty tips!

10 questions………

1/ your favorite city is and why?
I have been to some amazing cities for modeling, and some of my favorites are in Europe like Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. But I have to say my favorite city is where I am from- San Francisco. Vancouver is a close second.

2/ define your travel style:
My signature travel style is most importantly comfy! If it ain’t comfy, I don’t wear it. I also tend to bring just neutral colors and a lot of black so I can interchange the tops and the bottoms to keep my suitcase smaller. Think wide leg trousers and crop tops! I recently am pairing with a choker for a cooler look.

3/ what do you always bring in your carry on?
In my carry on I always have my laptop for work, some Carmex, my supplements and vitamins to keep me healthy on the go, and some moisturizer for my skin after the plane ride.

CoverstoryNYC girl crush Ali tate cutler plus size model

4/ your favorite emoji is?
🦄 obviously.

5/ your fave 5 conscious products are:
Great question! Conscious products are my thing. I love Dr. Hauschka day cream moisturizer, simply the best in the business! Number 2 would be Dr. Brite non-toxic toothpaste. Three has to be my GreenPeople organic tanner, a perfect brown for jobs and vacation. Four is my pit-rok no chemical deodorant this one really keeps the stank down 💁🏼 and five has to be my cruelty-free Matt & Natt bag!

6/ your dream vacation is?
Bali. Always Bali. A perfect day would be to wake up with a green juice, practice yoga in the day, have a walk amongst nature, and lounge with my mates at night.

7/ the best advice you’ve ever received is?
Pain is temporary, sadness is temporary, and happiness is temporary as well. Know that this, too, shall pass.

Ali Tate Cutler curvy model girlcrush CoverstoryNYC

8/ plus size modeling has changed for the better/worse in:
Modeling has definitely helped me in many ways! I never liked the way I looked before it, but now I am so comfortable with it. But more than that, it’s helped me transcend my looks! I realized there is so much more to life than physical appearance. It’s your character and the feeling you leave people with that really matters.

9/ your latest splurge for your closet is?
My vegan leather Matt & Nat bag.

10/ your favorite restaurant in the world is?
It used to be Pure Food & Wine in NYC before it broke my heart and closed down last year. I love vegan food and search out new places constantly.

ali tate cutler plus size model